Tonight last stream for awhile


Hey guys just want to let everyone know that tonight I’ll be streaming Mario Party with my fiance. it will be my last stream for a few weeks because tomorrow we are having our baby girl! I wanted to tell you guys that I’ll be AFK most of the time and to also come check us out if you want. It would probably help her keep her mind of tomorrow morning because she is nervous.(this is our second child if you didn’t know that yet).


Grats man! Being that it’s your second, you probably know what you’re doing. But good luck with that anyway.


Congrats! So many new families starting lately (including mine)


Congratulations man! Whats her name?


Thanks everyone! @Dynamible her name is Callie. less than 12 hours she will be here! :open_mouth:


Callie? That is such a pretty name.

I’m so happy for you, @blinkbrac!

I’ll be keeping ya’ll in my prayers as you welcome a new addition to the family. Eeeee! :smile:


Ermahgawd Callie is an awesome name :slight_smile: I’m so happy for you man I hope all goes well


Awww congrats! I hope everything goes smoothly and wonderfully! Will have your expanding family in my thoughts. :slight_smile:


Congrats! :smile: Hope all goes well!


Congrats :tada:


Grats man!


grats man!! A new life is so precious. I wish you much happiness :smile:


Hey all. Just an update. Callie was born on June 12 at 9:11 AM the surgery went fine, she did however inhale some Muconium(poop) she she is staying at the hospital on antibiotics. we will be able to stay here even after Becca is discharged. She is doing better but she has a breathing tube because of the initial complications. I posted a picture of her on my twitter if you all want to see her.


Congrats man!! and welcome to the world Callie!!


Congrats to you both, @blinkbrac + Becca! <3

(I saw the FB pictures, she is ADORABLE. Hi little Callie! Can’t wait to meet you!)


Omg that’s awesome!


ERMAHGAWD… she’s adorable man congratulations :slight_smile:


Congrats to you all!