Tonights Interview

@Auth, @Vocino
Hey guys, I hope this works, I’ve been blocked from replying to the other thread because I’m a new member.

I feel it would do you guys a dis service not to have Vocino on so how does rescheduling to the 12th sound? That way I can have all three of you on. I’ve got a replacement available for tonight so don’t worry about the show.

Let me know if that date will work for everyone.

can you also let tommy2118 know? I can’t tag more than 2 people lol

@tommy2118 git yer butt in here!

I don’t have any conflicts with the 12th I’m aware of. Cheers for working with us on the last-minute issue :wink:

Did you already reschedule? I can just do it today if needed. I don’t feel 100% but I can make it happen. Plus I can’t do it the 12th so rather than further complicate things…

Well I have already talked to a back up and the 5th is already scheduled. Before I try to cancel them what about the 19th? Would that work better?

Yeah that will work. Sorry for the musical chairs.

Musical guilds :wink:

Don’t worry about it. It’s perfectly fine. That’s why we have back up plans. I know how it is trying to work through a cold/fever and it’s never fun. So we’ll do the 19th, it’s scheduled. And I look forward to talking to you guys then!

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