Too much fun i cant stand it!



I cannot believe i am still playing this game but it is so addictive i cant stop… i bought Farm Simulator 15 on the PC and its like crack. I have only had it for a couple days, I love tractors and heavy equipment and before i was disabled i was a heavy equipment operator so i know my way around some tractors and bulldozers. This game has you preparing your fields, planting, cultivating and sowing. It has a ton of equipment for all kinds of farming needs. You can choose to farm fields for crops, cows and sheep and chicken for milk,wool and eggs. You can plant all your land parcels in timber and process logs and wood chips for fuel.

Its pretty cool harvesting a field of wheat and taking it to the grain elevator and making money. Game has missions that you can do, a multi player online mode and career mode. May not be everyone’s cup of tea but i am enjoying it alot!

thats the web site but i bought mine on Steam.


Your land stripping company in Minecraft makes more sense now. Watch out for the combines. :slight_smile:


Sounds cool Droul! I’ve seen people stream them before on Twitch and they end up loving them and how detailed it can get. It’s almost like work :stuck_out_tongue:


Dude I had no idea. I play the shit out of that game and have been looking for fellow Strats farmers. Lets farm it up this weekend.

I have 511 hours into that game.


Are either of you of German decent?


Nope, I’m a Swedish boy.


sounds good to me @Biff_Tannen i havent played any of the multi player so it will be cool to see how it works.


I haven’t either.


Thread theme song?

Not EVERY German person is into Sim games…just because their market for sim games are huge…don’t be Simsist Auth (That… sounded better in my head)


I just really want a farm and this is the closest my wife will let me get.


hey @Biff_Tannen do you use any mods at all? i have the 2 dlc’s and a mod that allows you to rent machinery. I want to get some more but i believe if we are going to be playing together we need the same mods. And its real easy to make a online game, i made one last night to see what was involved.


I have the first DLC and I haven’t tried mods but I am willing to try


So I have been playing this for some time… I am very good at it and have over 100 mods that I put in and take out of the game… I play the Pleasant Valley 15 modded map at times (solo) and I have entered some multiplayer games. If you need to know something I will attempt to help or inform you where I think you can get the information you asked for…

Enjoy and don’t forget the fertilizer…

JR Warlord