Torug's Pact



Now you may think:
So what? That’s a shitty set item.

You couldn’t be more wrong. This item is bugged to reduce GLOBAL COOLDOWN rather than weapon enchantments cooldown. It also seems to speed up animations or that would just be a side effect of using more abilities faster.

  • Auto-attacking with light and heavy attacks is much faster.
  • Weapon swapping is much faster.
  • Using skills is faster.
  • Didn’t test resurrecting or channeled spells, but I assume they would be faster too.

Try it out on some crap gear and see if you like it to actually make a set out of it.

Go here in Grahtwood to craft it:


as I heard, this was fixed.

can’t find the notes that deal with it but I saw the samew thread on reddit and they were saying it was hotfixed shortly after being posted.


Still works as of last night. I doubt it will get fixed quickly.


I’m going to make myself a set. I’ve just had materials sitting around anyway.


This is the go to set bonus it sounds like then. I’ll have to make some, thanks for the tip!


After having made it and playing around with it ill give a pros/cons:


  • Same DPS as shield slamming with no stamina cost (melee only).
  • Weapon swapping is much more reactive.
  • Looks like you’re tearing shit up.


  • Does not benefit staffs/bows.
  • Takes a second to get going.
  • Limited to single target. AOE abilities will usually out dps this.

I wouldn’t say its overpowered, but on par with other set bonuses. You decide if you can make a good use of it. Auto attacking with melee is insanely quicker with this set bonus


I was pretty sure I wasn’t crazy.


Fixed on the test realm.