Total War: Warhammer 2 Replay Megathread

Show us what you’ve got!

For those that didn’t know, you can save replay files to watch after the fact of any battle you have in Total War: Warhammer 2. They’re tiny and can be found at the following location on your PC:

C:\Users\ your username here \AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Warhammer2\replays

You can watch other peep’s replays by dropping the replay file into that same folder. Replays are accessed in game from the “Battles” option at the main menu. You can upload them to the forums as a .zip which others can download and unzip in their replays folder to watch. Had an epic fight? Tell us about it and show it off so we may bask in its glory!


I’ve got one I’ve been sitting on for a bit, so I’ll kick the thread off:

This is turn <10 on a fresh solo Skaven campaign. I’m being chased around by The Forgebound, who are very angry with me, because reasons. I have already retreated once because of the extreme imbalance in their favor, but they’re not willing to let me go and chased me down a second time (once you’ve retreated on a turn, you don’t have the option to retreat again), so I had to fight it out. I’m stuck on 6 melee squads (3 Skavenslaves and 3 Clanrats with Shields) and a Grey Seer (Ruin), while my opponent has 4 Dreadspears, a Bleakswords, 2 Darkshards, and a Black Ark Corsairs (Handbow) accompanying his Dreadlord (Sword & Shield). This is not a fight I should win, but thanks to some amazing terrain/pathing, a healthy dose of The Menace Below, and a couple massive Warp Lightning hits, I came out of the scrap with a Heroic Victory.

Skaven-jumped after (19.5 KB)

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This comes from a co-op Mortal Empires campaign I am currently 110+ turns into with a friend of mine; I’m playing as Clan Skryer (Skaven) and he’s running as Khemri (Tomb Kings). We started relatively nearby one another and have been romping through factions left, right, and center. Bretonnia has confederated everyone it could and been at war with us for 40+ turns. We finally have them on their heels, and I got a bit brazen in a counterattack with my strongest army, opting to launch a siege immediately after breaking a siege they had on me that cost them 2 armies (I pursued). What I didn’t count on was them slapping together several more armies at breakneck speed and coming to stop my capture of a minor port settlement. Seeing as I was completely outmatched (~20% on the pre-battle balance of power), I elected to retreat. Unfortunately, I only retreated about an inch; they gave chase and attacked again. Ikit Claw and my most powerful army (2021 rodents of unusual size) now had to fight back against 3 armies and a garrison force (4,738 Man-things) with annihilation on the line. At one point I literally said in Discord voice “Holy shit! We need to pull back; there’s a whole 'nother army coming.”

We turtled in the corner and ran the artillery dry.
We fought the longest battle either of us have ever had in Total War: Warhammer 2.
We lost 1 squad.

Balance THIS (76.6 KB)