Trade in your last-gen copy of GTA V at Target and get $30 towards the new version

Found this on reddit.

I already paid for my copy at Gamestop. I guess I need to cancel or see if they can offer me the same there.

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Here is the ad.

Edit: It looks like this is a leaked ad and is not official from Target, yet. Buyer beware.


Thanks for the direct post @tommy2118, was just about to do that. I hate having to read a post here, click to reddit, find the actual info, click that…


Sorry about that, I should have done that in the initial post.

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No worries, everyone does it.

More on topic, I already preordered the digital version on the PS4 store :frowning:

Here is what Target will currently offer for GTA V (PS3).

I’m debating this or game stop.

Gamestop should never be considered. Why aren’t they out of business yet?

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…they have my five dollars from pre ordering COD, you know for the Destiny shader. I’m that guy…

Convenience and based on the ingrained idea of being the place to trade in games as they were once the only real, nationwide option I suspect.

Not Gamestop on-line at least… Any reason I should not use the brick and mortar store?

They pay you far less than they resell the games for; it bothers people shrug

Brick and mortar is fine with me, I just don’t like Gamestop.

  • They pay terrible trade in prices and they give you a card that locks you into spending money at Gamestop.
  • You can sell used games on Amazon, Target, etc. and get more for them if that’s your thing.
  • They’re not willing to pay for knowledgable employees.
  • They open the game boxes and take out all the extra stuff (apparently they’re not doing this as much anymore but they still open the boxes)
  • Their rewards system is worthless
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I seem to download most of my games anymore. I have never been good at trading them in. Not sure if I a hoarder or if the games are more valuable to me (even sitting on the shelf) then what they are offering.

My problem is that I would have to wait until 3:00AM to play if I download it. I could play by 12:15 AM if I go to gamestop.

Oh the humanity!

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Well I could use that time to set up a Gta server privately for Strats. #Justiffied

Depends on how you want to look at it. I could stay up late and start the game at 12:15 am or I could get up early and play at 3:00am. Choices…

It’s not an MMORPG where you have to stay up and secure your name. There’s not much of a reason to pull an all nighter.

I don’t neeeed to kill hookers. I just want to kill hookers. But it will depend on when everyone else is gonna play. If everyone else is getting on at three then I will probably just digital download, so I have a group to shoot hookers with.

TL;DR I just want to shoot hookers with friends.