Trademark Infringement

Continuing the discussion from Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is coming:

Name’s taken. Also, play this game :wink:

Name’s taken?! Dang… I didn’t know they made a second Natural Selection. Do people play it?

I keep trying to stir up interest.

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Pff, 253 hours on NS2? That’s not any way to show your love and appreciation for a game, lol.

Back before CS turned to Steam I logged roughly 2700 hours via xfire (that’s only when Xfire was running!)

I also have another ~180 hours logged in 1.6 via Steam.

Unlike CS, this game has neither the same number of players or a format that’s conducive to stop and go gaming. You really need to ride a round out from start to finish to be effective, and they can run upwards of 30 minutes with a good team.

Also, don’t think those hours are always accurate; I’m showing 0 hours for all the CS titles, and I know that’s wrong :wink:

Lol, I know. Just was bugging you is all.

Which hours are inaccurate though? Steams? I feel the same way as I’m certain I’ve pumped more than ~180 hours into CS 1.6 since it’s inception to Steam. I used to run a gaming community revolving around CS 1.6 for around 6 years.

I’ve had the same Steam account for >10 years; there’s no way I have 0 hours in all the CS titles. I’ve been suspicious of this before, though I’ve no idea how it happens.