Tribes of Midgard Open Beta - July 26-28

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, Tribes of Midgard has an open beta. Having spent a couple of hours in the game during the Alpha, it seemed to be a relatively chill way to pass the time hacking & slashing mobs.

The premise is that you feed your tree souls (can’t remember the specific term) to level up, while defending the tree every night, in preparation for even bigger battles against giants. What makes it more enjoyable is when you have more than just yourself in the lobby as you cooperatively open up cans o’ whoop. And if you’re the type that needs to craft your way to joy after farming mats, they’ve got that angle covered too.

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I signed up to the email thing, but they didn’t get me the information in time to play the last alpha, so I’ll definitely be giving this a look over the weekend.

Looks pretty slick. Reminds me of the #albiononline style.

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Considering all you need to do is download the client this time, should be all good.