TROVE players, attend!



Folks, if you’ve played TROVE at some point in the past, you are strongly encouraged to log in ASAP to claim some awesome free swag. Essentially, you’re getting patron status for a few days as well as an awesome new mount (it shows up automatically under the “Promo” category of your mount list). Don’t miss out; this is a limited-time opportunity that will end tomorrow at 11:59pm PST :wink:


They have a lot of hardware problem, but they really try to take care of people and make awesome stuff.


I bought one of the starter packs for Trove last summer, I believe. I own 4 or 5 of the classes but I have played relatively little of the game.

Tomb Raiser might be my favorite class. I think I bought the Lunar Lancer also but I really haven’t played it. It’s a very bright and colorful game but I just don’t understand what I should be doing. I never did get involved with Minecraft, though.


Currently my favorite. It’s a bit squishy but damn does it hit hard.

The game is a bit more freeform than other MMO’s, but the basic premise is very similar to Diablo: do stuff to get better stuff to do tougher stuff. The building aspect, to me, is a fun break from all the killing and whatnot.


That’s what I play as.


Is this still ongoing? Or did I miss out?


Still going. I got the new mount tonight.


Going until late tonight; get it while you can :wink: