Trying to Explain/Understand a Misconception


Continuing the discussion from Regarding the Twitch Team Signup Thread:

This concept that Strats is transitioning away from a gaming community and into a business keeps popping up occasionally; I guess I truly don’t understand how the changes that have occurred are negatively affecting the ability of people to hang out and play games with each other.

It’s true that we’re working on Strats: Command (a product currently-targeting streamers and others interested in understanding their online reach), but I fail to see how that’s contrary to people hanging out and playing games. The overwhelming-majority of what goes on here on the forums, in Mumble, and elsewhere is playing games. Are we expanding/adding additional features to the website/community? Yes, but I cannot see the correlation where we’re simultaneously not playing games or supporting those that are just hanging out playing games.

Recently, we’ve:

  • Started running paid ads for the Guild Wars 2 guild a couple days ago
  • Run paid ads for Destiny leading up to The Taken King’s launch.
  • Run (and will be running again, shortly) ads for the Albion guild
  • Set up Discord because people wanted a chat program

all of which are directly in line with supporting the Strategists who are here to play games and socialize with other, like-minded gamers.

We evolved the Monday meeting into a podcast (because there were multiple calls for it) wherein we discuss various gaming-related news as well as what’s happening on the forums and in our various guilds (as applicable; we don’t sit around and expect every guild to speak up if nothing’s going on anymore); the schedule was established to keep us from having the 2+ hour meetings that used to occur on Mondays and we ask for input from the community about things they want to discuss (community- and game-related) so we make sure to include them.

We literally just sit around and shoot the bull during the Weekly, but we do try to keep it around an hour long and have some points ready for discussion beforehand. When everything officially ends, I and many others have hung around for an hour or longer afterwards just jaw-jacking about this and that. Having a set timeline lets folks plan to be around with regards to IRL and gaming scheduling; I don’t see it as a negative.

Further-expounding on this point, we’ve always been strongly-opposed to a donation system, so some sort of monetization was inevitable as we’ve continued to grow daily. None of the product that’s being worked on requires you to use it in order to be part of the community; it will not require that folks pay for it if they don’t want to use it (or all of its features; many will be free); and the forums are categorized such that discussion of all things product-related take place outside of the gaming areas; I don’t understand how this negatively-impacts the folks here looking to just hang out and play games. Additionally, whenever portions of Command and future products are monetized, that money will not only support future development and maintenance of the products but also the portions of the community not related to it (i.e., the forums and portions thereof dedicated strictly to gaming with good people as well as more ads for our guilds and such).

The guidelines we’re working on are multifaceted (designed to address several different situations) and basically encompass the OP of the signup thread that is consistently ignored of late. The stipulations for being on the Twitch team will be a minimum follower count, a trust level within the forums, or a combination of the two; streamers who meet one of these 3 requirements will be eligible to join/remain on the team. We (@Vocino and myself) spoke at length with Twitch staff during TwitchCon as well as with other teams/streamers and if we want the official Twitch team to ever have a shake at credibility, some amount of adjustment is necessary. Furthermore, future planned functionality for Command includes unofficial stream team creation (which will better-allow for folks to be unified while streaming for the fun of it rather than trying to do it seriously). When this functionality implements there will potentially be another pivot on the upcoming requirements, but that’s far enough out that I won’t even begin to speculate as to what those adjustments might be.

Given all that, I can honestly say I don’t understand how anything that’s happened lately has negatively-affected Strats’ ability to function as a gaming community. Have we grown beyond being purely a gaming community? Yes and no; everything we do is gaming related, but it’s true not everything we do is strictly game-playing related. Still, I don’t see how expanding our mission/focus has somehow lessened anyone’s ability to just hang out and play games. If anyone has some insight on this, questions/concerns about what I’ve written, or just wants to toss in their 2 cents, please (by all means) drop a reply :wink:

Community Manager


Games definitely been happenin’, yo. I feel bad that I missed last Monday’s meeting, but I got dem boots from hard mode Gorgorath, with other Stratsers.


But were they made for walking? :wink:


Wow @Auth lol. I haven’t been here for a long time but I dont feel that the gaming community side has been anything more than what it should or shouldn’t be.


Cheers, @blinkbrac. This isn’t the first time queries and concerns about Strats not being about gaming have come up, and anytime a concern comes up a few times I end up writing a book trying to explain it and asking for additional thoughts/insight into what I said and what I might have missed/misrepresented :wink:


Seems that it is me who is the vocal one about this, judging by how Auth composes these long posts and usually quotes me in them.

Not sure what else I can add that I haven’t said before. Maybe the problem is me and not Strats.


What do you feel you have lost or are in jeopardy of losing? I think we do a pretty good job at separating the community from the business side, with the exception of trying to be totally transparent, but maybe we are missing something.


I’m not singling you out; your post was just the most recent instance in this instance (not the only post, PM, or comment verbally delivered to me recently) so I used it as a framework for my response is all :wink:


I like to think of myself as an example of the type of player who is on the gaming side of Strats. I stay away from all the business stuff and just play games with my Strats friends and it has been really fun and enhanced my gaming experience. I continue to do this and am still able to keep my regular status while completely separating myself from the business side. If all the business stuff allows Strats to keep growing and maintain the ability to play games with all my new friends I am for it.