Trying to set up a dedicated streaming computer using a Mac (Hackintosh) - need advice about audio


My setup (and my diagram) are not as sophisticated as @Vocino has in this thread.

But this is what I have so far:

I have everything in this diagram on hand and I’m ready to set it up. My only sticky point is what to do with the sound. I have a Audio Technica AT2020USB mic that I want to use. Where do I connect this thing? I think connecting it to streaming computer will allow me to use that input directly in the streaming software (OBS multiplatform). But then I don’t have control of it (PTT) while gaming on the gaming PC. And if I had it connected to streaming computer, I would have to then bring audio from streaming computer back to gaming PC so I could hear chat programs like mumble, teamspeak, etc. I’m guessing I’m going to have to buy a mixer in the near future. But I was hoping to get away with the gear I currently have. Any ideas?


The Twitch reddit will likely have better answers, but I’m fairly certain it goes into your streaming system. Your elgato will need to be able to capture it, unless you do some funky settings for passing audio from your gaming PC.

Have you tested this setup out? Curious why you’re going the route of a dedicated Streaming PC?


Honestly the simple answer is to get a 2nd, cheaper microphone. With a separate streaming rig, even if you have the mic in the gaming rig, you won’t have balance control on game audio and commentary audio on your stream without having some sort of dedicated channel.

Challenge accepted :wink:


Doesn’t mention mic setup!!! I WIN!! :smiley: ; I assume there is minimal to none latency on that HDMI switcher?


Kay :wink:


at the time when i purchased it, i had done some research and this was the best i could come up with:

it doesn’t appear to give me any input lag or latency.

I have not tested it yet. I haven’t begun to set it up. I currently have a kind of similar setup, except no separate streaming rig. the reason I’m looking to separate streaming and gaming is just to take the load of the gaming computer. I’m also in the process of building a new gaming rig…in which case my current gaming rig will become the streaming pc. and the mac will just move over and be a mac.



I’m just messing with you :wink:

Surprisingly, though, there are a ton of us with rather-complicated setups. I personally run 3 mics when streaming from PS4 because I’m chatting in PSN chat (1), chatting with my stream via my gaming/streaming computer (2), and sending my voice to my separate recording/capture rig (3). When playing a PC game it’s just 2, but after much psychosis trying to figure out a better way, this felt the most reliable to me. I’m fairly certain @Vocino and @tommy2118 are in similar boats with multiple mics because there’s just no better way to do it.

In order to do a single-mic solution, @dontcallmejames would have to toggle “listen to device” on the mic and hook it up to the gaming PC so the audio would travel to the streaming rig along with all the other audio. The problem with that is any adjustments he’d need or want to make would have to take place on the gaming rig at the Windows level, throwing the balance off on any programs he used the mic on (nevermind the fact that he’d also have to listen to himself, which would drive me absolutely batty).


I know, all in good fun.

Audio is a bane with streaming. Can’t recall how many different “methods” i’ve had to endure to get this “just ok-ish”.


unfortunately, for what i think i want to do, i’m going to need a mixer. luckily they don’t seem that expensive.


Yeah I was actually thinking this as I was reading down the post. However what you need is a mixer or xlr splitter. You need to send the mic signal to 3 different computers, however I’m not sure how the mic quality would be effected splitting it 3 ways. You definitely are going to want a mixer of good quality or a good pre-amp. You want that signal to not be downgraded to one of the sources.

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