Tuesday AM Nightfall

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  • EST: 10AM-12PM
  • CST: 9AM - 11AM
  • PST: 7AM - 9AM


Continuing the discussion from Raid Team Ebola: Thursday 10/30 VOG 9pm Est:

How early could we do this? I could probably be on at like 6AM PST even. However, I would have a hard stop as I’d have to go into the office most days. I’m not sure if that’s worth it since there’s the potential to be a downer for the group. If it was 6-8AM PST, I’d be all about that though.

Those times work for me. No worries on the hard stop. I would just be happy to have a somewhat regular time. That nightfall strike is a deprecating asset.

I agree. I’m going to put it in my calendar and we’ll see how it works next week.

Upon further thinking, would it be possible to move it one hour later? That way I can get ready, get the game in, and leave after.

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No worries. Works for me.

Edit: This will also give me something to stream on a regular schedule.

We need 1 more person. Was @teh_ninjaneer interested?

I have not heard back from @teh_ninjaneer, yet.

It is something I would be interested in. The only concern I would have is if my baby needs fed during that time but with a 2 hour window I should be able to work something out.

Best thing is to schedule it for a week and see how it goes.


I finally made 23 Light. One day soon I will get to play with the big kids.

Not sure about that team name, though… Raid Team DeezNutz would have been better.


@teh_ninjaneer, are you buying Vanguard or Crucible gear? You should be able to get to 26-27 light relatively easily. Run Strikes to get Vanguard tokens and buy a couple pieces of gear. Upgrade them to get to 26-27 light (but not further).

I’m ~200 rep away from Vanguard 2 right now and I have 80 marks. It’s just a lack of time along with being away for 2 weeks. I don’t have a set time to play so getting the weekly Strike is a struggle.

I’ll eventually get there.

I rarely have time to do the weekly or daily stuff either. But I can just solo or matchmaker the strike playlist or crucible to get marks. I feel your pain though.

@Vocino and @teh_ninjaneer, you both seem to be on in the mornings. Maybe we should try to set up a Tuesday AM, Night Strike to get it done and get the xp buff for the rest of the week.

That sounds like a solid plan!

@Vocino , @teh_ninjaneer are your alarm clocks set for the morning?


if anyone is available to take my place though, please do. I have a meeting early that I can not miss.

We can keep this real relaxed. It’s just an opportunity to knock out the night strike early in the week and take advantage of the XP buff.

If you feel like it might run you late don’t sweat it we can try again later in the week or next week for that matter.

I will do my best to be available. I think I’m actually high enough level to join a Nightfall.

Staying alive for longer than 30 seconds might be a concern.

I can definitely do a 6am EST almost every tuesday, or at 1230 ish EST or after our raid night