Tuesday night 9pm EST: Vault of Glass NM, then King's Fall NM



Need 5 more to tackle NM Vault of Glass, then start up KF NM right after. VoG run is for Atheon’s eye, a component necessary for the No Time to Explain Exotic Quest. VoG NM should take less than an hour, then we’ll go as far as we can in KF.

  1. @ohnokenzilla
  2. @Rellek
  3. @Droul
  4. @BarryBillericay
  5. @Uk4lyfe69
  6. @blinkbrac

KF Only

  1. @Wheatception


  1. @blinkbrac
  2. @blinkbrac’s buddy


Wheatception for King’s Fall, I’ll be in Fallout the rest of the day.


I would like to keep the team the same for both, but I’ll message you if we have room after VoG.


Thank you kindly!


I’m in for both


I’m in for both


Both please!


If you don’t get enough I can see if my buddy can join. Me @Rellek and him were gonna pull a team together this week anyway.


U can take me off being a backup. I am good to go now.


I need to do VoG for the NTTE quest, but unfortunately I have hockey @ 10pm tonight, so can’t help. Maybe this weekend? Also would like to do KF again.


My weekend plans are up in the air, tag me if you see me and maybe it will happen?


Sounds good. The gf is working nights Friday night and Saturday night which gives me plenty of time then.


I’ll come I. Kings fall and if I need to ill do VoG as well


This was completed in 3 hours. We one cycled Atheon, and KF gave no trouble until Daughters and Oryx. I don’t know if anyone got anything exceptionally good, but I hope some light levels were made somewhere.