Twitch Artists report in!


Lots of us are streaming/planning to but we lack the artistic talent for avatars and banner! If you think you can come up with some awesome, personalized avatars banners post here and let us know!


I’m happy to make whatever you guys need.


maybe a unified theme? perhaps our names one a strats co banner?


Yeah sounds good. I’ll see what I can do today or tomorrow.


You had a post a while back with site assets, where did that go? and want to add it to the twitch thread?



I’ll also work on some assets specific to the sizing that Twitch needs.


Twitch Template for both Gimp and Photoshop


These look like the old ones before they completely redesigned it.


it was slightly off when it comes to the bio strip, but otherwise worked great for me.


This is just something i was working on while trying to learn Photoshop. please ignore the screenshot, that’s not me. it was just a random ESO screen i grabbed from google for sizing purposes. i was a total photoshop newb going into this, so i’ve learned a lot today. i’m not dead set on the colors, and i’m not sure what other information i’m going to provide, but i like the overall style of the overlay. tonight my goal is to figure out what other information i’m going to provide, pick a final color scheme, and figure out how i want to display the webcam. any tips or critiques are welcome, so fire away!


I’m not anywhere creative when dealing with profile picture. When dealing with forums and communities i just find a pic from the internet and what not. I don’t think i want to do that for a twitch account though. Never know where the pics come from and if someone will complain about it. So i was wondering if there would be any problem with just using the following.

If there is someone more artisticly talented that could help it look better i’d be all for that. But i didn’t want to make this my profile picture on twitch before asking the community.