Twitch Bounty Board


Earlier this week Twitch rolled out a beta of their Bounty Board Program, a means to help connect broadcasters with paid sponsorship opportunities:

The simple premise behind the board is that a broadcaster (currently the few Twitch Partners accepted into the beta) evaluates opportunities on the Bounty Board, accepts a bounty, and in streams the title based on the terms of the bounty they just accepted.

On the backend, Twitch manages the partner relationship with the brand offering up the bounty (and I would assume takes a portion of the actual promotional offering) and let’s the broadcaster focus on what they do best - stream.

While it may look as a means to get some easy money for the scrub streamer like me (assuming this program actually expands to affiliates - more on this in a moment), the one of the four general guidelines behind the Bounty Board suggest otherwise:

  • No needless bad-mouthing
  • The stream title, game, and Past Broadcast are used to verify bounty completion
  • Require you to disclose your bounties to viewers
  • Payouts are based on concurrent viewer requirements

So who’s eligible? Right now it’s just a select number of partners in the US. That said, Twitch does outline in the FAQ that the program will expand:

Q. Who is eligible to participate?
A. During the closed beta, only Partners in the US will be eligible to participate. While we plan on eventually expanding eligibility to all Partners and Affiliates, our initial launch plan is to carefully onboard streamers from the waitlist so we can gradually test the scale and stability of the system before expanding.

Smart play by Twitch to get a cut of the sponsorship dollars that are already out there? Or just a greedy attempt to make a few extra coin?


It’s a good concept, but I feel like it will only be used by affiliates and newer partners. Obviously the top streamers probably won’t really do it because they either have their set game(s) or make way more than $100 an hour. Still, interesting.


Some streamers make that in about 10 minutes.


One thing that has me curious is it says they’ll be using the VOD to determine if the bounty was done. I can already see streamers thinking they did whatever the bounty was only to be told that the company decided based on the VOD that the bounty wasn’t completed for some reason. Hopefully there will be clear, quantifiable things that need done rather than a lot of subjective whatnot that could be misinterpreted, etc.


If you consider a standard ad would be around $1-2 CPM, then you need people to view you playing The Division about 100,000 times for that $100 payout to make sense to the publisher.