Twitch Channel Appearance


WhippetWolf’s Twitch Stream Problems

I. Channel does not appear on mobile devices (Following Tab in Twitch App)

Hey guys this has been going on EVER SINCE I started streaming. Huge problem is that it even hides my stream from “Combat Arms” so it shows that NO ONE is streaming the game. Also, if my followers happen to disable notifications, then they have to manually go to “Following/Channels/Channel” which a lot of folks don’t do lately, especially when there’s no counter for anyone streaming in your Followers Tab (False Streaming). First of all, I meet ALL the requirements for Streaming with Excellent quality and people barely stream Combat Arms. If you guys were to ever follow me and I stream a game on Twitch, look at your Twitch Mobile App and you will see what I’m talking about (I do not appear on the Following Tab and in the Games Category). Does anyone have any solutions? Twitch support barely does anything, but to tell me “Oh, just send me the link to your channel and we will watch it someday”. I replied, streamed for many months, and there is no response (even when schedule is up).