Twitch chat overlay in OBS on Mac



I’m going to be reposting my streams to YouTube and want to include the Twitch chat in the video so people know what I’m responding to. I know that a popular plugin is KapChat, but that appears to be a Windows application (the instructions say to run the batch file to install). Is there a preferred method of setting this up in OBS on a Mac? I’d love to be able to customize the look of it somehow, maybe with CSS considering most of these plugins are essentially a chrome-less Chrome window.


All the plugins basically do the same thing: connect to twitch chat via IRC and set the background to a chromakeyed color. You could do the same thing manually with an irc client.

Get one that supports themes (Limechat, for example) and set it to a theme that looks good for your stream, then key out the background.


TwitchAlerts is a great program for this i currently use it to show when someone follows my stream so i can thank them. It also has a good text box feature that works flawlessly. It all runs via a clr browser to take chat and data and such. not sure if mac has clr browsers but i would assume so. Its all pretty easy with some tutorials on youtube. Also no need to chromakey anything out.

@vocino plans to implement this into command?


Yes, and FYI @shane is on the team :wink:


Lol I’m tripping. I’ve yet to have any interactions with @shane so i just assumed he was just another streamer like me. Glad to know what he does around here.