Twitch Creator Camp


So you want to become a professional streamer, do you? Good on ya!

There are guides galore on the internet telling you everything you need to do to become a pro streamer. Guides on what it takes to become a Twitch affiliate. Guides on what it takes to up your game and become a partner. Hell, there’s probably guides on everything you need to do to become the next Tyler “Ninja” Blevins in a four point program:

  1. Build time machine.
  2. Build mind-control device.
  3. Go back in time & use mind-control device to become Ninja.
  4. Profit.

Okay… that last one is probably not all that legit. But it goes to the veracity of most of what is out there - your mileage will always vary.

To help you in your journey, Twitch has decided to curate their own set of guides through the Twitch Creators Camp.

Whether you’re getting ready to stream for the first time or want to try a new strategy on an already successful channel, Twitch Creator Camp has something for you. And who better to teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Twitch than the Partners who have achieved greatness themselves? So we’ve asked some successful Partners to share tips and advice for whatever step of your streaming journey you’re on.

I think this is a smart play for Twitch. Not only does it centralize knowledge through pre-established partnerships (the Twitch Partners themselves), it also gives more stepping stones to those who wish to become an Affiliate or Partner and in turn, help Twitch continue to bring in the money via subs, tips and everything else.

Anyone planning on setting up their tent over at the camp?