Twitch Follower Alert


So today TwitchAlerts (a alert system that I use) has been having a lot of problems and I’m thinking about switching up to something else. Anybody have anymore recommendations for a twitch follower alert system?


I use Teeboard for my Follower alert as well as my chat overlay.


teeboard all the way.


I believe subalert does follower alerts, it’s a lot to setup, but it gets the job done.

some chat bots can do it as well.
I know moobot will notify you when you get a new follower.


I too use TwitchAlerts, but I use the Beta version and have found it notifies me much quicker, and haven’t had too many issues with it. My personal bot also notifies me of followers, and I know that feature is available through the system AnkhBot. @ThatDoomThough made a tutorial on youtube on how to setup AnkhBot that is rather helpful:


@aikiller I use SubAlerts. It’s really easy to set up, and it works really well for me. Albeit some nights it’s super behind on delivering alerts but I really like it.

Maybe it’s something I should consider making a tutorial for?


@tommy2118 I looked at a quick video of it. I’m going to try it out. @laughablez333 TwitchAlerts went down for everyone last night. Even with the software where it writes it to a txt file. @ThatDoomThough I’ll try out SubAlerts too. Thanks everyone for the help!<3 Time to change over my donation system too… This may take some time… lol


Just a tip @aikiller subalert has an awesome donation system in it. You should look into it. I’m a all-in-one type of person so anything that has everything built in I’m all for.


teeboard is the ultimate all-in-one tool. in fact it’s called the Twitch Swiss Army Tool for a reason!

i love the chat overlay system that @tommy2118 mentioned…and the “now playing” module works well for displaying your music. also, the alerts are way more customizable with teeboard than any web-based alert system…if you know css and javascript (which i’m sorely lacking in, but learning).

teeboard and ankhbot running at all times now…gives me all i need and then some.


Thanks for the help guys! Right now I’m running off of teeboard for my follower alert and then streamtip for my donations. I’ll end up checking out some of these other donation system here soon I just already had Streamtip setup from a previous time and didn’t feel like setting anything else up at the time.


you can still use streamtip with teeboard. it’s set up to use streamtip to work with the donation notification system.