Twitch has started advertising Ninja's new years eve event


Following a short discussion started by @Auth in Discord.

I think this is a really interesting topic. There’s a tension going with the guardrails between “platform” and “media company” in many different genres. The latest is in gaming.

Twitch has started running ads for their most popular streamer, Ninja’s, New Years Eve event. The problem is that these house ads are running across the entire platform. That means they’re running on other pretty big name content creators (notably people like @Dr. Disrespect).

This makes complete sense for Twitch the media company. Their objective is to get their content watched and promote the best stuff. Just like an HBO.

It makes a lot less sense for Twitch the platform, though. The mission there should probably be something like getting the right content in front of an interested audience.

We’ve seen this tension with just about every major platform from Facebook to YouTube. Massive platforms are just very well positioned to be media companies as well. We even saw this in the “old school” model with Comcast’s acquisition of NBC/Universal.

I mean imagine if Netflix had an enormous social graph of potential audience. How would they use it to promote content?

They would probably identify the heavy hitters and funnel just about everything to them. This is much easier to manage than supporting thousands of content creators all making niche content for different audiences.


This was Ninja’s response to the situation. He has since deleted the tweet.

And wow that image is big on here.

That last part is what gets me. He feels like jealousy could be the root of the problem. He doesn’t understand that hundreds of other streamers are planning New Year’s Eve events and this ad is playing on their channels, likely at the same time they are trying to promote their event to their viewers.

I have no problem if Twitch displays a huge Ninja banner on the front page. That is their spot to advertise. But to run an ad for an individual streamer across every other streamer’s channel is pretty bad.


And… how does Twitch get more exposure when the only ones that will really see the Ninja ads are active Twitch users. Whom of which are either vehemently anti or pro Ninja. Like, the Doc’s audience doesn’t have a lot of crossover with Ninja’s audience.

What the Twitch team should do to make it a win-win and less of a shitty PR experience is just let people opt-out of certain ads. But, that would mean Twitch employees would have to actually do their jobs, hasn’t been a good year for them.


Maybe one way to look at this is:

  • Twitch the platform might not have promoted it this way, however
  • TwitchAmazon the media company has no problem with it


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