Twitch outreach

I mentioned to @Vocino the other day on Twitter that we should make a post on reddit to “announce” our stream team and maybe get a little following going. A core group of us have been regularly streaming, but to pretty small audiences. With our little network of retweets and favorites building recently, I see it spreading already. But I bet a post on reddit would help even more. But before we go crazy and dip out toes into a pretty volatile subreddit, I’d like to just hear some feedback from people who have posted recruitment threads and the like. What should the post look like and what information should it contain?

I really feel like there’s a professional feeling about this group and there’s been some great presentation on these types of posts in the past. There’s also some people here with much better marketing skills than myself that could help me out something together.


That’s an excellent idea man!

Great idea! However, can we hold off just a bit? I’m in the the process of writing some standards to ensure we retain that professional image. I would rather get it in place before we open up the flood gates.

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Oh yeah absolutely. That was kind of the intention of this post. Just to get the idea planted. Now it needs to fester and grow a little before its implemented. Wow that kind of sounded gross.

But yeah, no hurry. That’s exactly why I posted here first. So you higher ups can have a whack at it help develop the actual post.