Twitch Panels by Lyteforce



Having some extra time on my hands today, and a desire to learn how to use Photoshop at the scrub level, I threw together some pretty basic Twitch panels to toss up on my channel. But then I got to thinking that others here at Strats might be interested in them, so thought I could make them available.

While they are “free” to use, all I ask for is feedback, suggestions, tips and tricks to improve my game. I’d be willing to try and build something simple for other Strategists who don’t mind the simplicity of my work, just keep in mind that this happens at the EXTREME side of my desk too.

Anywho, here they be - Twitch Panels by Lyteforce (preview below).

Bought Photoshop CC - now what?
I'm creating a streamer asset kit, what should be included?

I like simple. My Twitch page is kinda simple. Because I stream so often.

I might add these to my page for some color.


Is fan


Noice noice. The blue on the paypal is a lil bit dark, making it hard to easily read for moi.

Aside from that these are awesome man.


I’m a fan of simple. I like! Nice work!


I think you need to play abit more with colors. Current colors don’t have synergi yet the format does. For example the youtube one, the logo and red bg. That’s just for me. Also do a test and add a border to them, it might improve.


I actually tried to use the official colours for any of the brands, which is why the PayPal blue is so dark. Where I had trouble was finding complementary colours for the other ones.


I assumed it was “official” colo(u?)rs of the brand. I like official. And simple.

If the Paypal blue is considered dark, would it help if the background was lighter, and then make your border darker?


Seems like an issue with the shadow in the background, you have an already dark color then a shadow in the lettering, could get away with not using a shadow effect?


I used the shadow effect to provide a sense of elevation between the layers, but definitely could consider removing it or changing the top layer to a lighter colour. Another thought was to use a white shadow instead of a black one for dark colours.

Regardless, I made a rookie mistake and didn’t save the PSD I was working with at the end. So anything I do now is just going to be new… :wink:


We all have, we all have.


@lyteforce At some point this weekend I will redo my Twitch page and make use of your panels.

I am inspired.


This makes me smile. :smiley:


So as I didn’t save the PSDs of the ones I originally shared, I decided to mess around some more and create something slightly different:

Thoughts? Lay it on me. I can take it… I’m a big boy.



The only thing I would say is the title seems a little wonky with the text under it being left justified.

I love the fading effect of the border.


I actually bounced between alignment of all the text & having the text indented from the title. That’s what I settled on, but definitely see what you’re saying.


Its different, not bad though, I think it may work better on your channel since it isn’t a justified panel. Different than seeing centered title justified text.


I personally prefer seeing just an image as a header and then text underneath. I don’t like seeing a wall of blocks on these Twitch pages. But that’s my opinion.


Another area I was humming and hawing about. I might go back to it, but for now I’m just playing around and trying to acquire some skillz.