Twitch Prime Subscription Trade



Are you a Twitch Prime member and Twitch streamer?


Since we’re doing a pretty great job at elevating our Strategists and Team Strats crew to affiliate status, I thought it might be a good idea to go one step further and throw those Twitch Prime memberships around.

They’re free to use and you’re likely already a Twitch Prime member since it’s included with Amazon Prime.

Reply with a channel you subscribed to a leave your channel link

Small multi-platform streamer

NutracGaming -


Zharick -


EvilCleric -


I think you get one a month, so used mine on @lyteforce since they were first. I did notice though @Zharick it doesn’t even show a subscribe option for me? I can only click follow.


he’s not affiliated yet, i suppose.


Will get there soon! Didn’t know it only worked for affiliates, so not yet for me I guess.


Ah, that would make sense.


I edited the OP so we don’t have to continuously update. Reply with who you Prime subscribed to and leave your link. Remember that it resets monthly and you’ll need to pick a new Strategist each month.


Much love! I think my Prime Sub becomes available at the end of the month - I’ll do my best to spread the love.


Be my first:



@dontcallmejames became my very first prime subscriber in the history of the world!

In-stream Notifications

Used mine on @lyteforce at the end of January. So, I’ll start rotating it throughout Strats once it comes up again.


Its the least I could do for all your hard work with strats.

Now to get my first sub! Who’s it gonna be?!?!


Mine will be up on the 15th I think so I can hit you up.

Edit, wait @dontcallmejames do you have a sub button? If so I should trade back instead.


i believe i do.



Ping me next time you’re live.


It’s the 1st! My subscription is open. Who’s been streaming a lot?


Streams I’ve noticed go live on the regular include NutracGaming, DasRenegade, and Lyteforce.