Twitch Website issues?

Has anyone been having any issues with twitch loading?

Not streaming TO twitch, but their site, overall, has been super busy for me lately.

I haven’t noticed anything.

I think I got it, I was using the default at&t sets for their DNS as my default. After I switched it over to google, it seems to be fine now. This was blowing my mind as my wife wasn’t getting any issues and then it hit me, after my full system update I never changed my DNS.

Usually with video streaming you want to make sure the DNS you’re using are geographically close to you. This way their CDN serves content from the best location with the lowest latency.

Unfortunately, non-partnered Twitch streams are just pass-throughs so you’re getting the stream from the server that the streamer is streaming to.

Having said that, here’s a great little tool for finding the fastest DNS:

Keep in mind it can change so check it every now and then if you have issues.