TwitchCon 2015 Press Release!


Continuing the discussion from TwitchCon 2015!:

##Here’s the latest and greatest

##Ticket Costs
Tickets for TwitchCon 2015 go on sale at 2:00pm PT on Friday, April 10, at, with discounted early bird tickets available until 11:00pm PT on Friday, April 24:

  • Friday, September 25 only: $50.00 USD (Early bird price: $45.00 USD)
  • Saturday, September 26 only: $60.00 USD (Early bird price: $55.00 USD)
  • 2-Day pass: $85.00 USD (Early bird price: $75.00 USD)
  • Saturday end-of-show party for badge holders: $25.00 USD


I’ll be scooping up my 2-Day pass around April 15th! I’m excited. :blush:


I like the idea of twitch con, but I don’t understand what they expect out of their attendees. just watch and or get autographs from their fav streamers? I mean, I guess ppl are into taht. Could be a good networking opportunity i guess. Colabs and such. I won’t go this time, but if it turns out successful, ill consider it for next year.


I don’t follow too many ‘big name’ streamers so I’m definitely going to network! :smile:


I didn’t view it as something that viewers would attend. I guess that’s possible but I see it as more of an industry type event—if there is such a thing in streaming yet. It’s not unlike something like GDC. Game Developers are the primary attendees but there’s a lot of gaming enthusiasts too.


Honestly, I think there are a few of us on #teamstrats that are looking at it in this capacity. I’m looking at the finances to see if I can swing the trip, myself.


Hmm since it’s in september i might do this… I wanted a trip out to Cali this year anyways so… why not, same with @Auth gonna check the finances and see.


Are you kidding me? It was made for viewers to attend. People donate hand over fist because it makes them feel “close” to the streamer, like they are “friends”. I can go to the local Bada Bing and use my dollars to feel just as important from someone just as qualified to entertain. Popular big name streamers are given big booths just so people can line up for hours and get a selfie and an autograph (OMFG MY LIFE IS COMPLETE I MET MANVSGAME LIKE 8,000 OTHER PEOPLE DID). They’ve been doing it at gaming cons for over a year, now they just want their own piece of the pie. It’ll become just like the Speed Run events, a chance for twitch streamers to get drunk and party, sell autographs and twitch merchandise.

Like I said in our last thread. I see a great networking possibility, I won’t deny that in any way. Great tips can be obtained and shared among the TeamStrats group to make them stronger streamers. My biggest issue is that this is a completely unnecessary convention that will turn into a big circle jerk ego fest. I sure hope Twitch has big hallways so those streamers can get their heads through the doors.


I see what you’re saying, I just don’t get that mentality I guess. I gladly support content creators who do good work but in terms of wanting their autograph or something… uh, no.


There are a lot of people who do really good work on Twitch and provide insane amount of work and efforts. Great layouts, fun to watch content and acting professional on stream. What I don’t like are niche things like “Drunk Streaming” where they act like an ass to get a laugh. It’s made me very jaded and picky with watching streamers. Thank goodness everyone and their mama streams so I can always find something else. I also just enjoy a relax with our own TeamStrats people. Just nice to socialize and watch a video game without a hyper toxic chat.


Finances (read: taxes) are sorted; short of a scheduling disaster, I’ll be there :wink:




Buying my tickets next month.