TwitchCon 2018 Schedule has been posted


I’m only going on Friday so this is what I have to choose from. My play was just to walk the floor though.

Here’s the full list:


Honesty, not a single panel being offered Friday reads like something you’d get value from attending. Hell, most of them are so niche I can’t imagine there’ll be any substantial audience in them.



what the fuck is this madness?
3:30 How to grow & navigate twitch as a streamer of color.
the answer might surprise you… stream like everyone else


MFW I reread several of those panel titles and realize just how fellowkids and click-baity they read.

“How to protect yo self before you wreck yo self” is my personal favorite.


So… I may be going after all. Wife and I have been chatting about things seeing as our Hawaiian vacation has been shelved. Will keep you in the loop.