TwitchCon 2018!


Catch the news earlier today? TwitchCon 2018 will be in San Jose from October 26-28! Other than filling up the San Jose McEnery Convention Center for the full weekend, Twitch hasn’t shared many details beyond where & when.

If you do think you might attend, there are special TwitchCon hotel rates available off the main site on a first-come, first-served basis. And if you’re like me, you may have already asked the wife & booked your room (technically I have until the end of September to cancel at no cost if it doesn’t pan out.

So who’s in? Would be cool to have a group of Strategists representing!

And for those of you who’ve gone before, care to share what your experience was like for those of us new to the party?


I should note the wife & kid could be making the journey too. While I get my Con on, they’d kick back & chill.


I’ll be there, yes.


Hmm, maybe.


I won’t be there, I’ll be living in Spain by then. Maybe next year though


So I think @lyteforce isn’t going anymore. Is anyone else planning on attending? I’m wondering if I should still go. Is it worth going to stream it to the StratsCo twitch channel or anything?


I’m sorry about that… I really did want to. I’ll be there for 2019 though!


No worries! Just trying to decide if I should bother going still.


We expect you to be going with a go pro strapped to your head to stream the whole experience.
That way we can watch in VR and feel like we are there.


Will I be able to look to the side and see your avatar so I can feel like I’m there with friends instead of wondering aimlessly and lonely through the hall?


Of course!


There’ll even be a little speaker icon so you know it’s me that’s talking :wink:


:speaker: wait look left. left. turn around. play that. look down. more at the screen.


Turn your flash on, the picture looks like shit otherwise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


wait look left. left. turn around. play that. look down. more at the screen.

go north
“you have been eaten by a grue.”


FYI I’ll be there on Friday.


One day seems more than reasonable.


Here’s the 4-hour TwitchCon line. I left and I’m waiting it out at Starbucks.


Holy fucksticks. The OG TwitchCon was a veritable ghost town Day 1; crazy to see how different it is now.


Seriously. It’s insane.