TwitchCon (App)



Continuing the discussion from TwitchCon 2015!:

TwitchCon App

I wanted to do a small post about the official Twitch Con App! (iOS Download | Android Download)

This app has three key things that will be great for all of us who will (hopefully) be networking!

See at the top we have ‘Connections,’ ‘Cards’ and (down below) the ‘Attendees’ menu.


Trust me. You’re going to want to do this first!

Enter all your important info. Be sure to hit ‘add additional field’ to enter your web presence links.

Once you enter all your details, save. Back at the apps ‘home’ page, click on your profile at the top.

This is the menu you’ll be going to if you want to set your profile + cover image.

Tap the button to the left of your phone’s ‘home’ button (if you’re on a Droid) then hit 'edit profile’ to do so.

Social Media > Attendees

Just say you meet someone on the floor, right?

Get their name, enter it here + hit ‘Search.’ Find them.

Hit the ‘+’ icon and you’ll be able to share your Card that you created earlier!

Bingo. Now here is where the next part of the app comes in …


The fruits of your labor will be collected in this section.

Whatever connections you make will show up here!

Pretty neat, right?! (Saves on paper and you get to digitally store all of your Twitch Con contacts.)

See ya’ll there + happy networking!


Great post, thanks for sharing! I’m creating my card as we speak.