Uh a little help on another 3DS game purchase...Plz


Alright so I’m still getting Bravely Second but I have some more money and I’m looking at buying a second. The choices are
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Rune Factory 4
I feel like I’m leaning more towards rune factory 4 though.
I understand they’re all vastly different but input is welcome!


Both are great, if you’ve already played Xenoblade for GC go for HWL


Nope haven’t played either. That’s why I feel so lost haha. The awful thing is each game looks fantastic but I just can’t make a decision. The most expensive out of the bunch is ending up being Rune Factory 4 as well. So I’m torn lol.


Well… I’d still go HWL since you already got the big story filled Bravely.
Though Xenoblade is a must play, and they did a really good job with the 3D remake.


I found both games for around the same price so now I just have to play the waiting game I guess. With E3 around the corner I don’t want to be hit with a freak Nintendo Select version of either game ($19.99 versions)


Too true :wink:


Dude I got the game for $23 from eBay. Such a dang steal…unless it gets Nintendo select status…


Hell yeah!!! Get it brother :wink: