Ummmm Hi, I'm Dynamible


My names Dynamible (I would rather not say my real name cause I’m kinda weird about that). I joined Strats in Elder Scrolls Online, when we were all part of Reddithium (A Reddit Guild). We were the only ones in Mumble and defected. Anyways… I’m a huge gamer. I started on my Super Nintendo (lol), I went PS1, PS2, Xbox 360, then PS4 for consoles. I built my first gaming computer last summer and had a ton of fun doing it. I am a huge Halo fan and was in a clan for four years. I love Bungie and decided to take the lead in the Destiny clan.

Oh yeah and about me… I am 23 years old. I’m a Psychology Major and I will graduate in December with my Bachelors. I plan on perusing a career in Human Resources and currently have two internships to try and make that happen. I also have a part time job. I am engaged and have been with fiance for five year. So yeah… That’s where all my time goes.


Hi Dynamible


Nice to meet ya Dynamible. Will have to get together for some Destiny at some point. I think I have you on PSN already.


Yeah you do. Ill be on tonight!


Sounds good. Unfortunately I won’t be on till a bit after 1am EST. Gotta spend some time with the lady this evening, haha.

If you’re on around that time then great!


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