Universal Yums: Delivery Service


So this is pretty unique.
A delivery service taht will deliver International snacks to your doorstep.


I already signed up, and they ahve different tiers or payment.

Lemme know what you guys think. I’m actually pretty excited for my shipment.


It would be exciting and terrifying. Some of that shit will be sooooo good and some of it will be freeze dried octopus that tastes like poop. Foreign snacks: a gustatory surprise in every package!


Whenever I go to international offices I check out their snacks. It’s really hit or miss and most of the time I just wish I had 'Murica snacks.


Looking back at their previous shipments, they shipped things like candy, biscuits, crackers, popcorn and chips. All of which are foods we are pretty much accustomed to.

I think they take into consideration about weird foods that would be a no go here in America, just cuz they are still fairly new, and wnat to build a good reputation for delivering good snacks.

However, I think this kind of experience would be fun.