"Unlimited Detail" webdemo



the recommended download speed is 20MB which I think is around 160Mb and I’ve only got 75Mb download so it’s pretty slow loading and blocky. Can someone with 150Mb+ speed try this and tell me if it looks nice, I’m really excited but I’ve been looking at this for like 5 years hoping it would actually turn into something and not just be smoke and mirrors.

Edit: removed link

nm, this may eat up data and some people have caps so I took the link down

this is what the actual engine is supposed to look like (the non-webdemo version)


I have 100mb fiber and it loads slowly and looks blocky, The difference between using wifi wich isn’t that fast and plugging in a cable for full speed wasn’t all that dramatic either.


bleh, every couple of years I check up on them, still disappointed