Unlimited xp blaze farm!

As you may know, co is very important in minecraft. And since there aren’t unlimited Quartz, one of the best ways to get Xp is to kill blaze. Blaze are big pain because they are strong and they shoot fire at you. My plan today is to make a automatic blaze farm that gathers the blaze in a one by one, then it suffocate them until they are half a heart. This enables you to one hit kill blaze with your hand from behind glass and still get the xp and loot. AFK for less than 15min gets you to level 30. I will be working and finishing this project today, if you want to help, please tell me when I come online or comment below. I could really use some help with the digging and some slime balls since the farm is mostly Pistons. I’ll supply everything accept the slime balls. This will be a community xp farm for everyone to use. Drop a like for more automatic farms!!


Just an FYI: I went around yesterday and encased a few of our Blaze spawners in Bedrock to grief-proof them :wink:

I found one far away, please dont block it !