Until Dawn Can't Be Streamed via PS4

Just something that you guys should know if you don’t have a capture card. If you’re looking to do a Let’s Play and save it, it won’t be happening just yet. If you’re just streaming to your audience though, go nuts.

For whatever reason, though, Sony has decided to handicap how people share experiences, if you’re streaming directly from a PlayStation 4. I’d read some scattered reports that Twitch archives for Until Dawn weren’t saving, including one from Kotaku’s own Patricia Hernandez. … This only happens while using the PlayStation 4’s built-in Twitch app. If you’re capturing footage using a separate box, Sony isn’t actively taking down everything related to Until Dawn.

Also this: https://twitter.com/TwitchSupport/status/636647112755666944

Using PS4 Share to broadcast “Until Dawn”? The publisher has disabled archiving for this game. We’re reaching out to hopefully enable. ^JM

This highlights the one downside of streaming from a PS4: per the way Sony set it up, the devs have permission to allow or disallow and portion of their game from being streamed/recorded/archived. The growing pains are real :wink:

That’s a bit strange

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