Unturned Server?

Hey guys, Cam again, wondering if any of you guys play unturned? it’s basically the “minecraft” version of Dayz and pretty easy to run, They recently made a new map for co-operative/pvp loot experience, I personally like co-op because you can build big bases in this game, wondering if anyone is interested, this is in fact a free to play game, so that’s a plus! If we could create a thread, that would be great!



The Minecraft version of DayZ sounds interesting.

Yes man, its very fun

@Vocino will you make a tag for this?

I have played this. Last weekend in fact. Fun little game. Not sure about the longevity of it. The map seemed pretty small.

im in the beta testing for the new map, its very big and interesting, you would like it

I played it for about an hour last year. It felt a bit too difficult for me, but maybe that changes when it’s multiplayer and you all work together to survive and scavenge.

Yea, i play it with my younger brother and some friends, incredibly fun, after you get past the learning curve

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okay good to know