Upcoming ARK content


the bossman for ARK on Reddit yesterday talked about some upcoming ark content for halloween

check out these links

ok that 1 isnt coming but that is my favourite clip from that show, was cool Jesse linked it too

TLDR version is 1 of the creatures in that pic will be tameable and keepable after the event ends. They not telling which one yet.
I would be happy for any of em but I think the dodo on steroids would be the best, especially if it could be saddled


We really will make a dodo army if this happens; General Dodo is ready to lead :wink:


Some of the dino’s will be one time tameable. So make sure to get then while you can. In addition the bats will be in the normal world and tameable!


I just have this horrible image of poor General surrounded by 4 of those mutant dodds looking to eat him


OMG I can not believe I forgot to mention they hoping to get the breeding in BEFORE halloween

now if only I knew when that was lol