Upcoming game is like an online game show with perma-death and chaos, thoughts?


I stumbled upon this article on Kotaku on thought I’d share it here for some discussion:

The game sounds like its an online dungeon crawler with 8 players or “contestants” who are specifically chosen by the game creators to participate. It is housed in a single server and only 8 players can play at a time, but everyone can be part of the “live audience.” If you die/lose you can never play the game ever again (under that same email/gamertag/id I guess?)

"Each Contestant explores the overworld and generated dungeons in
search of the Dream Tech Crystals. They fight monsters, avoid traps, and
compete with the opposing team.

When the Contestant fights monsters or gets treasure, the EXP and other
rewards go to the Audience. EXP is used collectively by the Audience to
level up the Contestant’s Skill Tree. Simply put, the Audience is part
dungeon master, part strategist, and part judge & jury."

At the very least it’s a very interesting idea. To my knowledge this has never been attempted before. I am cautiously optimistic.


Can you imagine the stress playing this? Knowing that literally any moment you could die in front of an audience of people? Intense!


@Nubhugs yeah for sure, no room for Leeroy Jenkins here


This sounds amazing! I can see gaming groups like us putting a team together to give it a go.


Interesting concept but not my cup of tea. I’m curious how they expect to make sure people can only play it once (email obviously won’t work and IP addresses are just as sketch) and simultaneously make this more than a flash in the pan (I can’t imagine many people will purely spectate over the long haul, nevermind watch the same beginning portion of the game over and over). As for the audience having what appears as a major role in the process, hopefully there are more reasonable humans than trolls watching otherwise the players are going to be in for a real “treat” :wink:



This coin should be termed as “The Developers Who Chose To Piss Off Every Internet Entity Known To Man.”

It sounds hilarious but I don’t know how it would work from a sustainability perspective. I suppose when you cut off supply that hard, demand will be through the roof.