Upcoming Indie Games



I’m looking forward to a few indie games, there seem to be quite a few really good ones coming out this year. I’m just gonna post a few, if there are some that you are really looking forward to that aren’t here, post them too! What’s really shocking is how many pixel games I’m interested it, I’m not usually into those. Also, I’m having a hard time understanding exactly what is supposed to be considered “indie” these days…

Wizard of Legend - Action dungeon crawler, pixel, spells n stuff, more spells n more stuff

EITR - dark, isometric, pixel, female prot, darksoul-esk gameplay, norse mythology

Death’s Gambit - (been waiting a while…) dark fantasy, 2d side view, pixel, more darksoul-esk gameplay,

Perception - Horror, first person, you’re character is blind…

Agony - Horror, first person, survival? I mean, you’re in hell sooooo… first objective failed…

Visage - Horror, first person, PT-esk gameplay maybe?

Absolver - 3rd person Action fighting, pvp, pve, semi minimalist art style

Pray for the Gods - 3rd person, survival, boss centric (shadow of colossus-esk)

On the fence (didn’t quite make the list) : Aer, Chasm, Rime, Miegakure, Outward, Manifold Garden,


Battle Chasers: Nightwar, definitely. I backed this game on Kickstarter and I read the original comics ~10 years ago. Hopefully it will give that old-school Final Fantasy feels.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was delayed until 2018. Another game which I backed.


I’d also like to shout out some games from my portfolio. Kingdoms and Castles:

and Wasteland 3:


yea, I really REALLY love the art in Battle Chasers, they’ve nailed that style imo, don’t remember much else, I get that one and another one that has “veteran adventurers” as the characters mixed up.

Hadn’t heard about Bloodstained getting delayed to '18 :frowning:

@Vocino I like the look of Kingdoms and Castles, do you know about the price range it’ll be at launch?


This ^^