UPDATE on my Brother

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Im sorry i havent updated you all …with the holidays over and having a bit of breathing room i can now update you guys.
The Biopsy on the nodes they took from his lung all came back positive…he has been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in both lungs. So far it hasnt spread to anywhere else…thank god. He had his first infusion treatment called Immunotherapy the first of the month and will continue to have them into the future. They are not doing radiation or chemo but are trying a new drug that encapsulates the cancer cells and prevents them from multiplying and feeding and causes them to basically starve and die. He is in a Clinical Trial at Yale/New Haven Hospital for the drug which costs 250k a dose…thankfully the pharmacutical company that sponsors the trial is paying for the drug. He gets a total of 4 infusions of the new drug and continues with a lesser drug for the remainder of his treatment.

He is such a fighter and has so much determination to beat this. He is my hero and i do everything i can to keep him positive and focused on getting well. The Dr’s are great and they talk about this new drug with high regards. They think it can cure the cancer if he can handle the treatments as they break down his immune system terribly bad. After his first treatment the only side effect he has had is a rash that itches but thats it. He isnt sick and in bed…he isnt losing his hair …he still does everything he did before with no ill effects.

With that said my position as care giver while my sister in law is at work has been greatly reduced and he has actually gone back to work 3 days a week and works from home the other 2 days. With my schedule being freed up i have more time to play games again and want to get back into the swing of things here…you might have noticed more activity on the forums from me :slight_smile: Id like to thank each and every one of you that has offered support and friendship. I havent been the most sociable person as of late but im hoping to change that. I have been snippy and grumpy with some of you and for that i am deeply sorry (@Auth @PreshusKitty) .i hope you understand that i did not mean to direct it at you it just overflows at times and my anger and frustration gets released in the wrong ways.

I value all of you and your friendship very much and i hope you will understand and forgive me of my shortcomings and periods of being grumpy guy. Thank you @Vocino @tommy2118 and @Auth for allowing me to be a continuing part of Strats…This community has been my respite and safe place in the face of such uncertainty. I love this community and hope to be a part of it for a long time to come.

Thank you ALL for your prayers and support…they are still needed.

I have rambled on for far too long i just wanted to provide an update…much love and respect to all of you. Just one more thing: #FUCKCANCER


I’m really happy to hear this man, prayers continue to go out to you and yours from me. I really hope this new drug works, it is awesome to hear he’s home.


That is absolutely amazing. Man I really hope it works. Encapsulated cancer is much easier to deal with.

Sounds like he is very fortunate to have the support of his family and doctors. Keep up the fight and I second the #fuckcancer!

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Happy to hear that things are looking up for you and your brother. I hope he has a speedy recovery, and you know we’re always here to support ya.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself!


@Droul, I’m glad to hear your brother is doing as well as he is. Cancer is a notorious adversary, share with him my support in his fight. #fuckcancer


My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Hang in there!

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#fuckcancer bud, hang in there. hoping for a speedy recovery!

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