Upgrading Monitor Setup


I’m looking to upgrade my monitor setup. I currently have 2 Dell 1080p monitors still running with DVI-D cables, and I’d love to upgrade to something HDMI. My GPU (MSI 970) only has 1 DVI port, but has 2 HDMI ports. These monitors also aren’t up to today’s standards as far as ms delay, etc. 1440p would be awesome; (simply for 144 FPS; these Dells are limited to 60 FPS), but I’m looking for something mid-range. Nothing top heavy (for money’s sake.) Here’s my current setup:

MSI Gaming M7 mobo
i7-6700k still clocked at stock 4.0GHz
16 gigs DDR4 RAM
MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G (4 gigs of VRAM)
750W gold rated EVGA PSU

With my somewhat low-end GPU (I have trouble running Ultra on some modern games, anywhere from 25-40 frames for certain triple A titles), should I upgrade it before trying to go for dual 1440p monitors? Any suggestions or ideas would be very helpful. This idea is still fresh in my head and I haven’t really gone through and looked at details, so anything helps. Thanks Strats!



Pick one. If you’re buying a display today, you should likely be thinking DisplayPort or Thunderbolt, etc. High refresh rate displays with high throughput on the interface, with video and audio.

An HDMI-only display is likely going to be 60Hz, maybe 120Hz at best.


Ok, so let’s say 144 FPS. How decent of a price tag am I looking at for 2 of them?


I will say that @Bradum knows a lot about this topic and is probably the expert.

You can get a high Hz display at a smaller physical size to save money. There are other trade offs for cost like latency.


Yeah… High performance monitors and GPUs are generraly going with Display Port.

The big question here is “what kind of games do you usually play?”

If you play mostly games like Rocket League, MOBAs, CS:GO, etc. then you could probably get away with a 1440p 144hz given your GTX 970…

HOWEVER, if you were hoping to play games like Massdromeda, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Witcher 3, etc. at 1440p 144hz, your GPU just won’t have the power to capitalize on the high frame rate of the monitor.

With a GTX 970, I’d probably recommend a 24" 1080p 144Hz monitor… You’ll be able to get the full 144Hz with games like Rocket Leage, and be in the 70-90fps range in AAA games. I’d also recommend getting only one 144Hz, and the other 60Hz… No point in spending the $$ to get 144Hz on your second monitor when you can only game on one.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


Also, only semi-related… But here’s a super long post I made about monitors not too long ago…


HDMI cable max is 60Hz. If you want higher then you need at least DVI, preferably DisplayPort.

Edit - And I don’t know that I would even consider a 970 to be somewhat low end. It is great for 1080p gaming. According to Steam, the 970 is the most popular card (with 960 and 750Ti following) and 1080p is the most popular resolution.

Do you really need 1440p res, or would you prefer the higher fps?


I recently got a high-refresh rate 1440p monitor, but largely run it in 1080p in games with my R9-290, which is somewhat underpowered otherwise. While I like the high refresh rate when I can get it, another nice thing is the VARIABLE refresh rate (AdaptiveSync on AMD, GSync on NVidia) to avoid screen tearing and other hitching artifacts. This helps keep the action smooth for a range of framerates. I really love it.


This is the key. I think right now, for gaming specifically, a super fast 1080p display is going to give you a better experience overall.


I went 1440 and 144hz on my 970…recommend.


I just prefer the high FPS. Resolution is not a huge factor to me, I just wrongly assumed 1440p = 144Hz. Let me educate myself a little further and then I’ll make a decision. What brands have remarkably low response times (using ms) and what do you all recommend while having a lower price point.


I’m an ASUS fan.


144Hz, 1ms, that’s about where it’s at right there. No GSync though?


He did say a lower price point. Gsync seems to cost about $200 which would double the price of that monitor.


True that. The stats on that thing are really nice.


I wish nVidia took the AMD route and didn’t charge so fucking much (or, you know, anything) for their tech; the price difference between similar monitors that support FreeSync and GSync is obnoxious.


My buddy got that Asus 144hz monitor, he loves it. I am a big fan of BenQ monitors…i got this one:


That BenQ is nice. 1440 is nice at 27". I think you can go 1080 at 24" though


I agree. I didn’t see the 24" part :slight_smile: .


This Lenovo isn’t bad. You don’t see too many curved 1080p displays.

Lenovo Y27g Razer Edition 27-Inch FHD LED-Lit 16:9 Curved Widescreen Gaming Monitor with Chroma Color and G-Sync (65C1GCC1US)