Uploaded a bunch of PS4 Themes


Hey guys, I recently picked up an Elgato HD60, and decided to record all the the current first party themes that are available in NA. I’ve seen enough posts scattered around Reddit and such of people wanting to see themes before buying them, so hope this helps :slight_smile:

I think that should be all of the themes right now. If there’s any themes anyone is interested in that I may have missed, let me know. If you notice any issues. of course, let me know.



Love the Elgato. I hope to see many more videos from you! BTW, I moved this to the Strats/TV catogory.


Ya, it seems like a pretty solid device.

I’ll have to start recording some other videos and such, but figured the themes would get my feet wet for now.


Thanks for this!

You can get the Bloodborne one with this code: J4ND-DJNH-K3C7


Ya, I meant to grab that one. I noticed I was missing a couple other themes; the Hohokum one and one other. I’m at work right now and will be heading off to a hockey tournament right after work, but I’ll be back Sunday evening sometime and will get the remaining 2 or 3 themes uploaded :smile:


Just finished uploading 3 more vids. The White Night, Hohokum and Bloodborne Nightmares theme.

Think that’s everything for now.