uranium52's introduction to strats.co


Hey there cool cats, and i’m new to the strats community and I want to show you guys what kind of person I am!

My names uranium52 and i’m a 16 year old gamer. I play roblox, minecraft, payday 2 and holtine miami and i’m a big fan of fast paced multiplayer games. I sound like im ten, which is quite sad, but i’m pretty mature for my age, and I enjoy working and getting money, which then I use to buy more games. Hope you guys let me on the server!

Sincerely, uranium52




ESRB is meaningless.


Welcome to the heard! We have some nice kool aid and cookies to the right next to the alter.


Welcome, glad to have you here.


Just to let you all know Uranium 52 is in fact a buddy from mine at school, and he does have a strange sense of humor, don’t be offended on what he tells you because hes joking 100% of the time


WELCOME!!! Thanks for making a killer intro. Glad to have another great member. Be sure to check out the mumble info so we can chat.


Welcome to the Dark side brother.


Welcome to Strats!




Welcome to Strats uranium52


Welcome to the best little corner of the Internet buddy!


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