Urgot is trending on Twitter right now


Urgot to be kidding me.

Obviously the world is about to end.


Isn’t that the ugly fat hero from LoL that nobody likes? What happened, someone use him in a tournament and win?


That’s exactly what happened. From what I gather, one of the uber squads picked a team for which Urgot was the perfect counter.

Now ranked play for the next month will be nothing but Urgot and people claiming they “main” him.

But really, it’s trending on my Twitter?


cmon man urgot to be on the hype train to really understand Urgot. Don’t hate on him


That sounds incredibly situational… way to go uber squad


That stuff happens in Hearthstone too. Infact, that is one of the reasons why I stopped playing because every time there was a tournament (which is like every week) people would just mimic all the decks they saw the winners use. It was incredibly annoying and at the time it was the perfect counter for the only deck I was good at. :confused:


Kid I was playing Urgot when you were still in middle school. Go play your 5th Karma game. Kappa


Oh no… It was bad enough seeing him in every other game after his buff… But now every other wannabe will be trying to use him. :S


Gravity beat TSM with urgot.
they got fucked
i stopped watching LCS today cuz of that


Bruh… do you even league? cuz i don’t see you ever.


I’m on hiatus!


yeah ok bruh… and i’m playing ahri mid right now so suck it… oh and 15-0 with karma mid


Someone is an internet tough guy…


I never liked Urgot, either playstyle or design, and yet for some reason, he always plows face when he’s around. I never saw him before a few weeks ago, and now I see him constantly.

I know he recently had some touch up work in 5.5, so maybe that’s why.


I’m not familiar with recent updates. But in my opinion (and I feel this way about every game), people were doing it wrong.

I haven’t really played League in over a year, but prior to that people tried to play Urgot as an AD carry when really he’s anti-AD. His skills debuffed physical damage and his lock-on missles kept people at a distance. I thought he worked well in top lane.

But when he was actually played, he was usually sent to bot lane.


yeah he’s def a top laner, not adc


Urgot was played by team Gravity one of the lower ranking teams against Team Solo Mid the rank 1 team and gravity won the game with Urgot after a slight buff to his kit. It was a very disapointing loss for TSM fans and really an exciting win for Gravity fans all professional League of Legends games can be watched on Riot Games Twitch channel starting at 2 EST on Saturday and Sunday.


Or, for those of us who don’t watch them live, just avoid social media if there’s a game you’re interested in and catch it on YouTube shortly after it finishes :wink:


I guess the real question for the analysts is: Was it really the slight buff to Urgot that won the match, or was it team composition and Gravity actually giving Urgot a chance?


they built a comp around it. Keane had been playing urgot tons in solo q, and they decided to pull it out for the game

he was pretty effective, all he had to do was ult turtle or bjergsen, and they were in the middle of the team ready to be killed.