USB Device Woes

Right then, searching for suggestions because there isn’t much coherent talk on the internet about this: I’ve got an issue right now where my Win 7 64-bit system is outright refusing to recognize any new USB device. All the ones plugged in at present are playing nice, but every other one I attempt to plug in (regardless of port) is “unrecognized” (including ones that I know work and have used previously on my system).


Thus far I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling the unknown device as well as detect hardware change to try and force a recognition and flashing my BIOS. My usb.inf file appears to be present and intact.

Edit 2:
I reset my USB stack with USBDeview; things are working for the most part now (occasional problems, but nothing near as widespread as I was previously experiencing). I’m going to ride this (temporary?) fix for a bit and see what happens.

Could this be a power issue? Is there not enough power to go around?

No, it’s something way deeper-rooted than that. I met with small success around 0700 CST and will update this post later when I have the time, but the issue is far from properly resolved.

It’s the North Koreans

Is there any reason you’re not running Windows 8?

  1. Don’t own it.
  2. Don’t have a touch environment, so it’s UI is nothing but annoying to me :wink:

I never use the touch environment.

Well, I still don’t own it and I don’t see the functional improvements for it given a standard desktop environment. This computer has a couple years on it, so it’s not as though I went out and bought it recently, it just magically decided to be a douche.

How many devices? Hubs? Powered or unpowered? what happens when you swap known device ports?

9 devices, no hubs, swapping 2 recognized devices’ ports was freaking them both out o.O

I managed to reset my USB stack with USBDeview and things are (mostly) working at the moment, so I’m kind of hanging out and waiting to see how things progress in the coming days.

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