Vale Guardian is Down



The Vale Guardian, first boss in the Spirit Vale Raid, is down! Thanks for everyone that attended; @Auth, @Rottendeeds, @Wayward, @Xaelyn, @senNish and @Diacuss. Managed to get it on our last try before we were calling it a night. Special thanks to our pugs for joining us in out take down.

In all my excitement i forgot to get a picture of our group take down. If anyone out there has any that wants to post please put them up.

Thanks all for getting us through the first boss.

P.S. I Found the raid vendor after everyone left… sweet legendary armor… mwwwhaaahaaahaaahaaaa…


Congrats guys!


No way you’ve failed enough times to afford anything :wink:

Also, I pushed Print Screen a bunch of times, so I’ll dig through the batch and post the best one (though it won’t be a proper group shot).


Grats, that must be a pretty hard fight


Loots! That boss looks so much better face down and on the ground!


And you guys thought I was crazy refreshing my food buff for only 1 attempt!

Now it’s on to this handsome fella


When is the reset for the Raid? Monday?


Reset is monday. If y’all want to try and progress further on this weekend go for it. I will not be able to go though as i’ll be out of town.


Found this


For those of you that don’t have ascended armor or weapons and have no desire to go thru the crafting process there is another way to get it. You will need to defeat the first boss in Spirit Vale and have the first tier in the Spirit Vale mastery done but here is the phat lootz you can get with your magnetite shards.


Yikes! Those weapons are pricey!


Yup they are a lot but well worth it


yeah, I need a new staff.


Should we have a follow up Raid day if we down the boss?


I would be up for it if we can get enough people together, as @Diacuss said he’s out for this week at least.