Valve-HTC VR Headset


Now that the Oculus rift is owned by facebook, it is nice to see some others coming into the market.

The design of this looks pretty interesting but I wonder if it can hold up to the specs of the release concept of the rift.

I mean it’s no Beats…but it looks cool.


This is cool. I can’t comment on Oculus. Oculus will be cooler.


Scumbag @Vocino



I wonder if this will lead to a new round of heavy weight lawsuits with facebook leading the charge against the others.

Reasons drove me away from the rift and to competition. Those same reasons could cause issues with the 2 billion dollar investment that facebook made with Oculus which in turn will cause them to pull an Apple on smaller VR headset vendors.


There are far more uses for VR than gaming, although that is a huge one. Just saying…


I don’t believe I specifically mentioned gaming, sure steam is a major backer of games but the possibilities are really endless with the application of such a product. They really did a great job with that marketing video pushed by HTC.

My only desire of using a device published by Valve-HTC over Oculus would be ethics, but as far as ethics are concerned i don’t know how ethical each business has become over the years.


Razer has a VR headset too.


True, I make an assumption on that one that it will be 50-100$ more than the competition for no reason.

Either way the VR competition is headed in a nice direction.


Am I missing something? I haven’t really been following development of either of these, but they seem to be the exact same thing.


Basically, for now the stats are very similar, the main difference is the company you are paying.


The current models are pretty similar.

@GuardianX has a deep hatred for corporations or something. He doesn’t want any of his hard earned money going to help Erika or Esmeralda.


well, I mean if I had to buy one, I would buy it from GabeN. I can’t not give GabeN my money, it’s a curse.


Hopefully I’ll be able to test the HTC Vive this week at GDC2015. I’ll take pictures.


Request: have another all-call, this time form the conference room where the Oculus team meets :wink:


you should definitely check out crowfall’s booth while you’re there


Man you are so salty, I didn’t suddenly decide that I wasn’t going to support Facebook because you started getting a paycheck from them.

I decided it years ago when I felt that their ethical standards weren’t along the same path as mine.


I would love to hear about the specifics.



Not sure if you are being serious or not.

Either way, the concern stems from privacy and past issues.


I’m genuinely curious but maybe it’s an off-topic thread.