Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines on flash sale

This game is notable for being not only the only RPG besides Pokemon and Mystic Quest that I’ve played all the way through, but the only RPG I’ve ever replayed several times. It’s on sale for 11 more hours for $5 and well worth your investment. Hell, because I lost the discs back in the day, I’ve actually bought it twice at full retail price and a third time digitally through Steam many years ago after I lost my discs again o.O The mod community is alive and still releasing updates for the title long after the developer has finished working on it. It’s built on the Source engine, so it shows its age a bit (it just turned 10 in November), but the story is great with a lot of room to play how you want to. 11/10: do recommend (especially for $5).


Don’t think I played Bloodlines. I did play Redemption, however, which is an even older game and one I really enjoyed. Maybe I’ll check this one out.

I never played Redemption but almost everyone I spoke to who has played both claims Bloodlines > Redemption, which is why I never picked it up after enjoying Bloodlones so much.

Yay! I didn’t own this one yet. Now it is mine. Muhwahahaha!