Vanguard Mentor Missive

So, last night, I got vanguard mentor missive. Essentially, It allows you to pick from three blind bounty tasks that blindly give you an item. This is from reddit user /u/DRayX17 and I in no way wrote this up! Lol

There are a bunch of Exotic bounties that give unique exotic weapons. I’ve combined information from destinydb with info from the guide to compile the following list. Only the objectives and descriptions come from the guide, everything else is inferred from destinydb. All of these seem to start with a Vanguard Mentor Missive, but I have no idea how to get one. WARNING: These could all be totally wrong.

Shattered Memory Fragment

Note: Fairly sure this one is totally right.
Objective: Track down Fireteam Tuyet’s last stand.
Description: One of our Venus patrols found a memory fragment on the remains of a destroyed Vex. This fragment concerns the final mission of Fireteam Tuyet, lost long ago on Venus’ Shattered Coast. Perhaps one of their Ghosts can be recovered.
Reward: Pocket Infinity (Fusion Rifle)

A Dubious Task

Note: Fairly sure this one is totally right.
Objective: Talk to Ikora Rey.
Description: The Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey, left a posting here - signed, handwritten, and asking for you.
Reward: Invective (Shotgun)

Toland’s Legacy (NOT IN GUIDE)

Note: Fairly sure this one is totally right.
Objective: ???
Description: Guardians on vital strike missions have found signs of Toland the Shattered, a once esteemed Warlock whose obsessions led to his exile. The Vanguard would like you to investigate his trail.
Reward: Bad Juju (Pulse Rifle)

A Voice in the Wilderness

WARNING: There is something messed up with this quest. Some people report doing the thorn sequence, while other report doing the super good advice sequence, but everybody agrees that you get super good advice.
Description: A Hunter returning from Mars claims to have heard a voice coming from a sealed cache.
Reward: Super Good Advice (Machine Gun)

An Unknown Patron (NOT IN GUIDE)

WARNING: An Invitation could be a separate bounty, which would explain why there is one weapon with apparently no bounty. This would make Fate of All Fools the reward for An Invitation, and the reward for this bounty would be Thorn.
Objective: ???
Description: ???
Reward: Fate of All Fools (Scout Rifle)

Remaining Weapon

There is one weapon unaccounted for. Here are the last part of the chain to obtain it. It is also possible that this is the continuation of An Unknown Patron, and An Invitation is a separate bounty that doesn’t start with Vanguard Mentor Missive. It is also possible this weapon isn’t in the game.

Thorn (Hand Cannon)

  • Somehow obtain one of the following (possibly in someplace called Charlemagne’s Vault).
  • Corrupted Thorn Sequence
  • Corrupted Hand Cannon Sequence
  • Depleted Hand Cannon Sequence
  • Thorn Sequence
    • One of the three sequences above will give you Unbound Thorn.
    • Return to the speaker to finally obtain Thorn.

Once I have more information I will update this post.

Edit: Thanks to /u/SilensPhoenix, I think I have finished up a voice in the wilderness (still not sure on the order there though).

Edit: Fixed a couple things based on various feedback. I apologize for listing the incorrect reward for voice in the wilderness, as I said, this was a decent part speculation.


@Rinzlerr69 which one did you pick? :slight_smile: I ended up going with the thorn one, on the part where you have to get 100 void kills in PvP…its going to be rough…

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I went with bad Juju and regret it. I’m more of a shotgun guy. Now I have to do 25 strikes. I’m on 2/25 lol

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I have the thorn one and pulse rifle one. They are going to take forever.

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How do you get these bounties?

I think just by doing bounties

Yes what Sw1shaa said, its random. I’ve read that there is a theory that you are more likely to get them when you turn in multiple bounties at once, but it seems pretty random to me.

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yeah, got the pulse rifle one today, and I had only turned in two for the day at that point.

I JUST got one. I’m working on Invective. I cannot believe I’ve gotten 4 exotics in one day. 2 I bought, 1 from a bounty and one from a legendary engram.

Each time i got the bounty i was trading in 3+ bounties.