Venk's Introduction


Hello! My name is Christian, IGN: Venk. I currently live in the state of Utah in the United States. I started playing Albion recently and have really enjoyed my time, I usually play 5-7 hours a day currently. I really enjoy all sides of this game especially PvP, other games I have played where I PvPed at high levels were WoW and Runescape. I have also played Dota for many years as well as CSGO. I am playing a 5.3 Scythe with 4.3 armor(heavy cloth) and I was hoping to help Strats in all their Albion Online endeavors.


Hey there Venk… err… Where did you get that avatar?


Oh it’s an old RS avatar that I had


Are you aware that it VERY closely resembles a white supremacy symbol?


I was not, thanks for letting me know, if you google Zaros it is his symbol, I will change it to avoid any further confusion!


Haha. NP. I don’t expect everyone to be familiar with white supremacy symbols. Honest mistake.
Welcome to Strats! I look forward to playing with you. I’m Mohomohommad and B1RD1E in Albion.


Likewise, thanks!


lmfao, good eye Mo. Welcome Venk :wink:


Welcome to Strats!




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