Vermintide free DLC



This is probably a great example of a designer and producer getting together, deciding what the priorities for a release date are, and then agreeing to release non essentials as free DLC. I would always rather have a great core game release on time with content added later at no cost than a slightly better game released weeks/months later. That may not actually be what happened, but the idea of free DLC is still a good way to warm the hearts of your player base. Witcher 3 and Hyrule Warriors were really good about that, tons of new content for a while after it came out, kept the game fresh and made you feel like the money you did put in was extra well spent. There are likely many beta games that could benefit from this mentality. Does anyone else play Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide?


I do indeed play it and I’ve actually conversed with the devs and gotten a response almost immediately.